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AI Insights is the world's most complete AI Harm Incident intelligence and research platform.

AI Risk, harms, and regulations are moving as fast as the tech itself. Professional teams want to understand and keep up.

AI Insights unifies 1000s of datastreams into an intelligent, automated AI Risk research platform.

Set up Smart Filters for the Incidents you want to watch and save hours of research and discovery each week.

Surface valuable insights faster

Build Smart Filters - based on the vocabulary of AI Risk - to find the exact incidents you need to know about.

Filter by rich combinations of Regions, Companies, Risk Factors, Technologies, Incident Types, and Severity.

Pushed directly to your inbox

Spend less of your valuable time searching: new incidents are recorded daily, you only get notified of the exact that meet your Smart Filter criteria.

Leverage experts in monthly calls

Our global network of AI Risk, AI Ethics, and AI Governance experts convene regularly to share analysis, updates, and answer your AI Risk questions in private seminar calls.

Stay ahead of emerging AI Risk trends.
Make better client decisions faster.
Navigate the AI Regulatory landscape.
Uncover insights that others miss.
Take AI Risk from reactive to proactive.
Build better cases with less work.
Get back hours each week.
Connect with a network of experts.

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