Summit 2023. Cambridge, UK.


Global Leaders
in AI Safety

On March 17th, 2023, the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge and The AI Responsibility Lab host a 1-day summit on the future of AI Safety.

We’re delighted to extend this invitation to join us.

We’re convening senior global leaders from industry, the public sector, and academia for a day of private discussion about our shared vision of a safe, responsible, and sustainably profitable future with Artificial Intelligence.

To be held in person, at Jesus College in the University of Cambridge, and under the Chatham House Rule, this private summit is a special opportunity to connect and have the high-impact conversations that are often so hard to have at larger conferences.

You'll be joined by senior leadership of the world's leading companies, regulators and civil servants committed to establishing the next generation of AI legislation, financiers at the edge of innovation and ESG, and some of the brightest minds in near- and long-term AI Safety.

It’s an excellent opportunity to reunite with friends and colleagues, meet other leaders pushing this space forward, and contribute to a set of critical conversations about what's working - and isn't - with our efforts to use AI safely.

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